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Wiz Khalifa Drops the Visuals for ‘Keys’

Wiz Khalifa – real name Cameron Jibril Thomaz – has dropped the visuals for ‘Keys’. On the 10th track on Khalifa’s latest LP ‘Multiverse’, the iconic North Dakota emcee finesses his skills when it comes to smoking cannabis.

“Say she wanna get with me/ ‘Cause I blow it by the O / ‘She know how to keep a secret/ She don’t let nobody know” the Taylor Gang bossman raps over a Quadwoofer-produced beat.

‘Multiverse’ is Khalifa’s seventh studio album. Released on 29th July, 2022, the ‘Rolling Papers’ rapper dropped the deluxe edition last month. Clocking at 73 minutes, the deluxe version added three new tracks to the album – ‘We can get more’, ‘Funkin’ and ‘Lost’. This is Khalifa’s first solo project since 2018’s Rolling Papers 2.

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