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Yashraj Confirms New Music Releasing This Year

Yashraj has confirmed that this year won’t end without some new music by the iconic Mumbai-based rapper and lyricist. After releasing a full-length studio album ‘Takiya Kalaam’ and hard-hitting singles such as ‘Dhundhala’, ‘Farzi Ghalib’ and more this year, Yashraj certainly doesn’t have any plans to stop releasing music anytime soon.

The ‘Musafir’ rapper took to his Instagram account to make the announcement.

“about to drop my next release of this year. Can’t wait for y’all to listen to it, next one got me in my bag fr fr” Yashraj wrote.

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Listen to Yashraj’s sophomore studio album ‘Takiya Kalam’ below.

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‘Musafir’ (Prod. By Akash Shravan)

‘Doob Raha’ (Prod. By Akash Shravan)