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Yashraj Drops VN4 (Gati) Music Video

Mumbai-based emcee and songwriter Yashraj has released the long-awaited visual treatment for ‘VN4 (Gati)’. Clocking at three minutes and a half, the stunning visuals portray Yashraj’s fast-paced life and his consistent efforts to deal with it.

Notably, the latest visuals are directed by Yashraj himself alongside Sarthak Cheema and Bhagyesh Rajshirke. The single, which serves as the follow-up to ‘Bura/Bhala’ released in November last year, has Robu leading the record production with assistance from Akash Shravan.

This isn’t the first time that Shravan and Yashraj have collaborated on a single. In fact, Shravan has led productions on ‘Bura/Bhala’, ‘Doob Raha’, ‘MEHFIl CYPHER’ f/ Yungsta, MC Kode, Enkore and Yashraj himself and ‘Musafir’.

Watch ‘VN4 (Gati)’ music video here.

Listen to ‘VN4 (Gati)’ by Yashraj here if you haven’t yet.