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YG & Lil Wayne Remember Nipsey Hussle on ‘Miss My Dawgs’


Compton’s emcee YG and the legendary Young Money bossman Lil Wayne have teamed up for a new single. Titled ‘I Miss My Dawgs’, the record clocks in at just short of three minutes and is reminiscent of the two emcees’ past collaborative effort ‘My N****’ released over eight years ago on YG’s debut studio album ‘My Krazy Life’.

The record is released alongside hard-hitting visuals portraying the widespread police brutality against black African-Americans and pays tribute to the late ‘Hustle & Motivate’ rapper Nipsey Hussle and Slime 400. Notably, the latest track seemingly draws inspiration from Lil Wayne’s ‘Miss My Dawgs’ – the six track on Weezy’s fourth Mannie Fresh-produced LP ‘Tha Carter’.

“My dawg is one who ride for me
They wouldn’t try me for a body, they gon’ slide for free
Wherever I be steppin’, they on side of me
Bros over h***, built off loyalty and honesty
My dawgs kept it honest with me, no, if, and’s or probably
You ain’t my dawg if we ain’t ever did no robberies
We had a cause, we was tryna hit the lottery
Young n***** ball, we was makin’ it out of poverty
We did our thang, we did our thang, we did it properly
Tell on your dawgs, I’ll never
When I could tell ’em somethin’ slick, I’m too clever
I wish my dogs more life, Hugh Hefner
You know I wrote this for my steppers”
YG raps over the record.

“Man, I miss my dawgs
Bad ass memories, but I can’t forget my dawgs
N***** act like kittens, tryna scratch a n**** off
All my n**** pits and I spit like a Saint Bernard (Grrr)
I don’t bark though, that’s my dawg show
She a dawg h**, she on all fours
Where my dawgs at? At the crossroads
If all dawgs go to heaven, then my dawgs go
Yeah, dog food
I be eatin’ p**** like dog food
Only God can judge me, no law school
Her tongue stick out her mouth and her jaws drool
I’m in a double R, no roof, roof, n****
And I want that smoke too like soup too, n****
I’m a big dog like Snoop too, n****
I fuck wit’ YG like woop, woop, n****
No goof troop, n****, I’mma dawg”
Wayne raps the final verse on the Compton inspired production.

Listen to ‘Miss my Dawgs’ by YG & Lil Wayne here.

Stream ‘Miss my Dawgs’ on Spotify here.