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YouTube Superstar Jus Reign, AKA Jasmeet Raina Is Back With An All-New Dramedy Called ‘Late Bloomer’

He took YouTube by storm with millions of views on his handle Jus Reign in the 2010s. He created a brand of comedy that not only resonated with Punjabi Canadians but also with immigrant kids at large. Raina made waves with his humorous portrayal of the tussle between a Sikh guy and his Punjabi parents, living in the Canadian suburbs of Ontario. Funny and irreverent, Raina became an internet sensation – thanks to his unfiltered take on the growing South Asian communities settled in Canada. He garnered success, subscribers and became an influencer in the real sense of the word.

However, in 2018 Jasmeet took a break from the internet. Only to return with a bang in 2024 with an eight-part series called ‘Late Bloomer’. Inspired by his own life as a Punjabi Sikh millennial, Raina plays Jasmeet Dutta – a YouTuber living with his traditional Punjabi family in the suburbs of Toronto. The show sheds light on his every day life and struggles in trying to balance his ambitions for success with his commitment to his family, community, and culture.

Real. Raw. Fresh. The series premiers on Crave – a Canadian premium television network and streaming service on 19th January. Watch glimpses of what’s in store here: