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Yungsta Gears Up For New Album ‘Meen’

THE MVMNT’s ferocious emcee Yungsta – real name Yash Chandra – has begun the rollout of his upcoming album. The Delhi-based rapper has announced that the lead single from his highly anticipated LP ‘Meen’ is slated to drop on February 23rd 2023. Titled ‘Ruhbaru’, the single is produced by Indian Hip-Hop’s influential record producer Sez on The Beat.

The yung rapper took to Instagram to preview the single and has confirmed that it’ll release through The MVMNT and Mass Appeal India. Check out the preview here if you haven’t yet.

Notably, this isn’t the first time that Yungsta has teased or previewed new music. Earlier in February, The MVMNT – Underground Hip-Hop’s leading consortium of emcees and record producers including Yungsta, Dakait and Aniket Raturi – pulled up at Divine’s massive live set in Delhi. Yungsta performed a record off of ‘Meen’ during his opening act. Check it out here.

Last year, Sez & The MVMNT made an appearance at the NH7 Weekender in Pune. Besides performing their riveting discography, they brought out Delhi’s iconic Hip-Hop act Seedhe Maut amidst their live set. Seedhe Maut gave young artists their flowers and reminisced about the times when they started together in rap along with Sez on The Beat & the MVMNT.

Look out for ‘Ruhabru’ by Yungsta on February 23rd 2023.

Since you’re here, check out ‘Chaand Paar’ LP by Sez one the Beat & The MVMNT ahead of ‘Meen’.