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Ahmer and Straight Outta Srinagar Announce New Single ‘Evil Eye’, Produced by Xplicit

Koshur Hip-Hop’s influential emcee and songwriter Ahmer and Straight Outta Srinagar have linked up on a new rap record. Titled “Evil Eye”, the single is produced by Xplicit and arrives after the ‘Azli’ emcee and S.O.S. linked up on “Gumshuda” last year.

Straight Outta Srinagar took to Instagram to reveal the exclusive artwork and asserted that the record is beyond a reported “beef”. While the Kashmiri emcees haven’t been quite clear about an ongoing beef, it is worthwhile to note that Ahmer has reportedly split from Azadi Records.

The partnership, which witnessed the release of Ahmer’s debut LP ‘Little Kid, Big Dreams’ and ‘AZLI’, has reportedly come to an end. Earlier this month, Prabhdeep released his first independent single “Thappad” and rap listeners have begun speculating about whether Prabhdeep and Ahmer have ended their long-running partnership with the label.

Notably, Azadi also backs Delhi’s iconic Hip-Hop act Seedhe Maut and linked up with Northeast’s Jelo, Rebel 7 and more for top-selling releases. With Ahmer and Prabhdeep leaving the highly coveted label in Indian rap music, Azadi might take a massive hit to its music business.

Earlier this year, Karma parted ways with Raftaar’s Kalamkaar label as well.

Look out for ‘Evil Eye’ by Straight Outta Srinagar and Ahmer.

Be sure to listen to Ahmer & Straight Outta Srinagar’s hard-hitting rap records if you haven’t yet.