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Breaking: Indian Rap & Pop Superstar King Announces New Album, Eyes At Global Domination of Indian Music

Indian Hip-Hop and Pop superstar King, real name Arpan Kumar Chandel, has announced that a new album is in the works. The Delhi-bred emcee, who has established his stature as one of the biggest Indian artists across the globe, has confirmed that he is gearing up for another massive album which will have “500 Million” streams by February 24 next year.

While the hard-hitting emcee fell short of revealing further details about his upcoming project, King has revealed high expectations from the album.

The artist, who is fresh off his historic live set at Indian Premier League’s closing ceremony alongside Indian Hip-Hop royalty Divine, speculates that his next record will feature at least “3 songs in Billboard’s International Charts, 22-25 million listeners on Spotify, 8-12 million YouTube subscribers and 4 songs in Top 10”. Further, King has asserted that his album will be at the top spot in the country at the time.

While these accomplishments might be hard to achieve for an emcee, King’s confidence isn’t unfounded. The legendary young emcee has risen to global prominence for his hard-hitting rap music and evocative pop synths.

Earlier this year, King’s studio album “Champagne Talk” surpassed over a billion streams across digital platforms. Further, King became one of the first artists after Sidhu Moose Wala to perform at the highly coveted ‘Wireless Festival’ in Abu Dhabi alongside Indian rap royalty Divine and Karachi’s Hip-Hop heavyweights Talha Anjum & Talhah Yunus.

King has teased that his album might be called “New Life”. However, an official confirmation is still awaited.

Look out for King’s upcoming studio album this year.

Listen to King’s top-selling studio album ‘Champagne Talk’ here via Spotify.