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Breaking: Karan Kanchan Hints At Potential Involvement in Shubh’s Debut Album

Indian Hip-Hop superproducer Karan Kanchan has hinted at his potential involvement in Punjabi Rap and R&B pioneer Shubh’s upcoming debut album.

The Mumbai-based record producer, who has produced a massive catalogue for Gully Gang‘s bossman Divine, took to social media and suggested that he has a record with Shubh on his highly anticipated full-length effort.

Notably, Shubh is gearing up for his debut LP this summer. The young California-based Punjabi emcee, who surpassed a billion platforms with just six singles in January, suggested that his album might be called “Still Rollin”. However, the Punjabi hitmaker fell short of confirming any further details about his album yet.

Karan Kanchan’s recent move on social media has certainly paved the way for Shubh’s album rollout. This has been a busy year for Kanchan himself.

The record producer linked up with Divine on his third LP “Gunehgar” last year. The impacts of that far-reaching rap record are felt to this day. Further, the “Baazigar” producer teamed up with King and Telugu rap pioneer Roll Rida for a hard-hitting single this year.

More on this story as it unfolds. Look out for Shubh’s debut full-length album this summer.

Listen to Karan Kanchan’s hard-hitting rap records here if you haven’t yet.