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BREAKING: Prabhdeep Recruits Indian Rap’s Finest For Bhram ‘Deluxe’

Photo: Instagram/pratykshashetty

Indian Hip-Hop’s influential emcee, lyricist and record producer has released his long-awaited LP the ‘Bhram Deluxe’. Clocking at just short of fifty minutes, the Deluxe LP is a riveting odyssey into Prabhdeep’s hypnotic and philosophical world. Mired by artistic extremes reflecting Prabh’s provocative creative pursuits, the thirteen-track LP features guest appearances by Indian Hip-Hop’s finest across the album.

While emcees across the globe tend to add fewer tracks to their LP deluxe, Prabhdeep has disrupted the original project altogether with affecting guest verses. The appearances include Kalmkaar’s bossman Raftaar, IkkaSeedhe Maut’s Calm & Encore ABJ, GD 47 & Kashmir’s ferocious emcee Ahmer.

Check out the exclusive ‘Bhram Deluxe’ artwork here.

The cathartic LP recruits the former frontman of Mafia Mundeer on ‘Tajurba’. Besides the ‘Hard Drive Vol. 1’ emcee, the album features guest verses by Ikka on ‘Samaaj’, GD47 & Encore ABJ on ‘Sukoon’, Calm on ‘Shaitaan’, Koshur rap’s very own Ahmer on ‘Inayat’, Syps on ‘Nafrat’ and Scuti on ‘Sagar’. Further, the ‘Tabia’ emcee has added five new records to the LP – ‘Sukoon’, ‘Samaaj’, ‘Shaitaan’, ‘Sagar’ and ‘Wapas’.

The Bhram ‘Deluxe’ is Prabhdeep’s most ambitious effort yet. Recognised for affecting rap LPs built from scratch, Prabh’s latest LP marks a point of stunning elevation in his career. Further, the project looks set to go down as one of the most impactful records of our times.

The Bhram ‘Deluxe’ serves as the follow-up to Prabhdeep’s debut collaborative effort with Raftaar. Titled ‘PRAA’ EP, the hard-hitting effort, released on February 22nd 2023, includes Prabhdeep, Raftaar & Lambo Drive-produced ‘ABBU’, ‘BADNAM’, ‘HELLO’ and ‘TRAP PRAA’.