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Prabhdeep Announces Bhram ‘Deluxe’ Release Date

Within days after Prabhdeep revealed the star-studded tracklist for his third LP Bhram’s Deluxe version, the Delhi-based legendary emcee Prabhdeep has confirmed the release date. Arriving just ahead of his long-awaited ‘Bhram India Tour’, the ‘Tabia’ emcee has announced that Bhram ‘Deluxe’ is slated to drop on March 2nd 2023.

Notably, this will be Prabhdeep’s second release in as many weeks. Last week, Prabhdeep linked up with Raftaar for a hard-hitting EP. Titled ‘PRAA’, the latest project includes Prabhdeep & Raftaar-produced ‘ABBU’, ‘BADNAM’, ‘HELLO’ and ‘TRAP PRAA’.

While emcees across the globe tend to add fewer tracks to their LP deluxe, Prabhdeep has seemingly disrupted the original project altogether with numerous guest appearances. The features include Kalmkaar’s bossman Raftaar, Ikka, Seedhe Maut’s Calm & Encore ABJ, GD 47 & Kashmir’s ferocious emcee Ahmer.

The rapper has confirmed that ‘Tajurba’ is slated to feature Raftaar alongside a slew of rap records with heavy features including ‘Sukoon’ f/ GD47 & Encore ABJ, ‘Shaitaan’ feat. Calm, ‘Samaaj’ feat. Ikka, ‘Inayat’ feat. Ahmer. ‘Nafta’ feat. Syps and ‘Sagar’ feat. Scuti.

Ever since the release of his third LP, Prabhdeep has repeatedly assured his listeners that the Deluxe is in the works. Earlier this month, Prabhdeep set massive waves across social media after he revealed the exclusive Bhram ‘Deluxe’ artwork. Check it out below.

Look out for Bhram ‘Deluxe’ by Prabhdeep on March 2nd 2023.

Be sure to listen to the ‘Bhram’ LP by Prabhdeep here if you haven’t yet.