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Breaking: Pune’s Hard-Hitting Emcee Sambata Teases Debut Rap Record With Def Jam India

Pune’s hard-hitting rapper, record producer and songwriter Sambata, born Pratham Sunil Jogdand, has seemingly confirmed his debut rap record with Def Jam Recordings India. Earlier this evening, Def Jam India teased its next release of the year through a graphic which reads “Don”. The photograph is further shared by Sambata via Instagram.

Whether Sambata’s upcoming record with Def Jam is a single or a multi-track effort remains to be seen. However, Sambata is allegedly gearing up for new music.

For many, Sambata is one of the most influential Hip-Hop artists on the come-up. With a brief yet affecting discography, Sambata has established his stature as a ruthless gangsta rap emcee and represents Pune’s street codes through provocative Marathi vernacular.

Over the years, Sambata has released four independent rap records – “Pinnak”, “Kaarte Nibaar”, “Nako Raste Changle” and his sprawling debut “Palti Fire”. Through incendiary lyricism and ghetto rap records, Sambata is one of the finest emcees to emerge from Pune.

As for Def Jam India, the record arrives amidst a slew of flagrant releases by the converted rap label. Most recently, Def Jam India linked up with Kolkata’s hard-hitting emcee J Trix on “Gundagardi” featuring Ikka. It was preceded by Tricksingh’s major label debut “Shor”.

Look out for Sambata’s new music and perhaps, his debut rap record with Def Jam Recordings India.

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Stream Sambata’s hard-hitting rap records here via Spotify.