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Breaking: Punjabi Record Producer Thiara Accuses Shubh Of Allegedly Stealing ‘Dior’, Track Removed From YouTube

Punjabi rap superstar Shubh, who recently released his debut album “Still Rollin”, has drawn concerning accusations from his longtime record producer Thiara. The record producer, who has led the sound engineering on Shubh’s breakthrough rap records “No Love”, “Elevated”, “We Rollin” and “Offshore”, has allegedly accused the Los Angeles, California-based emcee of releasing “Dior” – the sixth rap record on his debut album – without giving him due credit.

This has caused quite a stir on social media and impacts Shubh’s reputation in rap music. The accusations arrive amidst “Still Rollin” failing to put strong numbers on the board. As reported earlier, Shubh surpassed a billion streams with just six rap records in as early as January this year. However, “Still Rollin” looks way far from creating any such impact.

Thiara has further flagged the alleged copyright violation to YouTube. “Dior” has since been taken down. “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Dilmanjot Singh Thiara,” a message reads on YouTube. It was later confirmed by Thiara’s brother Irman Thiara. Further, the record is no longer available for streaming on YouTube Music.

Thiara quoted “East Side Flow” by Sidhu Moose Wala and hinted that he is prepared to take the incident further.

Quoting Moose Wala’s incendiary lyricism from the Byg Byrd-produced record – “Of course, we don’t know politics, But we know fighting very well” – the young Punjabi superproducer continues to stir conversations about an album which has seemingly turned into a disastrous debut record for Shubh.

With such fatal accusations by Thiara, copyright violations and the pre-existing hate speech against Shubh for his stance during the Amritpal Singh row, “Still Rollin” might be headed towards even more abysmal numbers in the coming weeks.

However, “Still Rollin” is still a hard-hitting rap record. With Shubh’s flagrant bars and a marquee record production, the seven-track rap record certainly captures the “Baller” life of a young Punjabi superstar.

More on the story as it unfolds.

Since you’re here, watch the ‘Still Rollin’ music video by Shubh here.

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