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Breaking: Punjabi Superstar Karan Aujla Teases Collaboration With Rap Mogul Drake, Remembers Sidhu Moose Wala

Photo: Sidhu Moose Wala, Karan Aujla & Drake

Punjabi Hip-Hop/Rap & Pop superstar Karan Aujla has just hinted at a possible collaborative effort with global rap mogul Drake.

During a recent sit-down at The Kris Fade Show in UAE, the trailblazing Indian artist expressed his willingness to work with the “For All The Dogs: Scary Hours Edition” rapper and further shed any rumours of animosity between him and legendary emcee Sidhu Moose Wala.

Amidst the provocative conversation, which went on for just over 15 minutes, the “Making Memories” rapper spoke at length about the earliest days of his rap career, life in Punjab and Canada while growing up and his close relationship with the “Watch Out” rapper.

In fact, Aujla asserted that people tend to misconstrue and even “tear apart” him and Moosa for “entertainment”. However, the Punjabi emcee said that “it’s not many of us who are doing this” at the highest level and “we are all in this together”.

Watch Karan Aujla’s iconic conversation at The Kris Fade Show here if you haven’t yet.

One of the biggest announcements however remains Aujla’s vehement interest in working with Drake. “Is that even a question? For sure, yeah. That’s what we’re working on… just do more of the mainstream collabs,” the ‘G.O.A.T.’ songwriter said.

Considering Aujla‘s top-tier stature in Indian Hip-Hop/R&B and First Person Shooter‘s close relationship with Moosa, their historic collaboration doesn’t seem far-fetched.

Aujla’s unprecedented announcement arrives amidst his confirmed debut collaborative effort with Indian rap royalty Divine. Reportedly, the two artists are slated to appear together on the Gully Gang affiliate’s forthcoming album confirmed by the Punjabi artist himself.

For Drake, a rap record with Aujla will further his continued support for Punjabi rap music. Ever since Moose Wala’s controversial murder in Mansa last year, the “For All The Dogs” rapper has remembered “his brother” at least five times.

Most recently, Drizzy paid his tribute to Moose Wala by playing the Punjabi rapper’s cult rap record “Levels” at his sold-out show in Toronto.

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Since you’re here, stream ‘Making Memories’ by Karan Aujla via Spotify.