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Delhi’s Hip-Hop Collective Gair Kanooni’s Sammad & 3BHK Link Up on ‘5 Sitara Pinjra’ EP

Amidst a slew of consistent releases, Gairkanooni’s Sammad and 3BHK have linked up on a rap EP. Titled “5 Sitara Pinjra”, the three-track project features hard-hitting rap records – “120”, “Reality TV” and the self-titled “5 Sitara Pinjara”. The EP is a provocative project that swerves amidst prolific storytelling, hard-hitting record production and Daft Punk-influenced autotunes across the hooks.

Written and performed by Sammad and 3BHK, the EP follows numerous releases by the underground Hip-Hop collective including “Rakam” by Ayo Quest & 3BHK, which samples “Lyin’ From You” by the historic American rock band Linkin Park, “Adidas” by Quest feat. MC Amrit and more.

Gairkanooni rose to unprecedented prominence after it bagged eight spots, alongside J Bloc, on Netflix’s “Class” motion picture series. Numerous records from the consortium’s far-reaching discography were featured across the eight-episode rendition of Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona’s “Elite”.

Besides “All Nighter” which finds the top spot in the trailer, the show features “Ohho” from their debut EP “Aaj Raat Ki Peshkash”, “Ghanti”, “Abrakadabra”, “Not Now” from Sammad’s “Saste Nashe” mixtape and 3BHK’s “I Don’t Sleep” feat. Ezzyland and “Big Elephant”.

Notably, DRV’s record “Empty” featured on Netflix’s “Class” TV Series alongside Gairkanooni and J Bloc as well. It was furthered by “Farak Nahi Padta” on ‘Farzi’ via Amazon Prime Video. Read our exclusive conversation with the iconic emcee and record producer here.

Listen to the “5 Sitara Pinjra” EP by Gairkanooni’s Sammad & 3BHK here.