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Dino James To Perform In Three Cities This Week

Dino James had wrapped his responsibility as a squad boss just last weekend at MTV Hustle. However, the ‘Chosen’ rapper is ready to hit the road again. James is slated to perform in three cities in as many days this week. James – who rose to prominence with his hit single ‘Girlfriend’ – is recognized for his solid work ethic across the hip-hop industry.

Through a slew of Instagram stories, the rapper has confirmed that he’ll be performing throughout the weekend starting Friday night. While Dino will perform in Meghalaya this Friday, the rapper behind some of the finest records in Indian rap will headline ‘Breezer Vivid Shuffle’ on Saturday alongside Raftaar, Kr$na and more. Dino will head towards Pune from there for a live set on Sunday.

Dino James had performed a massive set at the Hennessey Freestyle Concert at Jio Convention Centre, Mumbai and at the ‘Grub Fest’ in Delhi over the past two weeks too. Check out the performance’s snippets here.

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