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G-Eazy Hints At Seventh LP With ‘Tulip & Roses’, Releases Roxana Baldovin-Directed Music Video

California’s legendary emcee and a global cult figure in Hip-Hop G-Eazy has finally returned. The iconic “These Things Happen” has just released his latest rap record ‘Tulips & Roses’. The John Michael Rouchell-produced single is G-Eazy’s first after a long hiatus from Hip-Hop. His latest single is a therapeutic self-reflective record released alongside avant-garde visuals from Los Angeles-based filmmaker Roxana Baldovin.

“Clout’s a hell of a drug, I’m so off of it
My star’s back shining bright, I just polished it
This shit’ll get away from you if you ain’t on top of it
Take too long stirring the sauce, you get lost in it
There comes a time as a man you gotta stack up
Watched it fall apart, time to pick the pieces back up
Had to get this off, someone book a studio,” G-Eazy raps on the record. ‘

Notably, G-Eazy hinted at a new LP on the Hip-Hop classic. On the single, the legendary emcee asserts that “It’s that time again” and he might just “drop an album”.

“Somethin’ in my spirit woke back up
Like I just sat up
Drop an album, hang another plaque up
Time to go to work, pick the slack up
Please, no more comparisons, you ain’t gotta bring that up,” Eazy raps further.

Given G-Eazy’s historic impact on global rap music and a prolonged hiatus, a 7th LP doesn’t seem far away. Perhaps, “These things happen too”.

Watch the Roxana Baldovin-Directed ‘Tulip & Roses’ music video here.

Listen to Tulips & Roses by G-Eazy here via Spotify.