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Here are 12 ‘Explosive’ Indian Hip-Hop Tracks You Must Hear This Diwali

Diwali is here! We’re certain that you must be having a good time with your homies and families everywhere in this gorgeous country of ours. As you take some time off and put on those headphones, our editorial board has curated a fine list of 12 explosive Indian rap songs that you must listen to.

12. ‘Ek Din Pyaar’ by MC Stan

We mean, c’mon! The list has to start with one of the best to ever do it in Indian hip-hop. With a solid production that cuts across old-school hip-hop, bass and trap, MC Stan’s ‘Ek Din Pyaar’ is a banger that you must listen to right now. Also, big ups to the cover art of the single!

11. ‘Gangsta’ by Karan Aujla (featuring YG)

Earlier this year, Karan Aujla elevated the Desi hip-hop scene with the release of ‘Way Ahead’ EP. The five-track banger packed EP had one record which absolutely stood out. Karan Aujla showcased his fiery and confident lyricism right next to the legendary YG! It almost feels like you’re on a dusty lowrider the moment you hit play. You gotta bump this one!

10. ‘Qafir’ by Prabh Deep

This festival is about hope. Hope in yourselves and your biggest dreams. Take a few steps back and self-reflect next to this banger! Every day above ground is a day worth living. This is Prabhdeep’s finest at your doorstep.

9. ‘Trap Munde’ by Ikka & Badshah

Perhaps, it would be a sin if ‘Trap Munde’ isn’t on this list. Doesn’t matter where you’re at right now, Ikka & Badshah have proved that confidence can take you a long long way! Turn up the volume and wear your best drips for this one.

8. ‘Spaceship’ by AP Dhillon, Shinda Kahlon & Gminxr

This has to be on the list. AP Dhillon’s ‘Spaceship’ deserves to be on this list. There’s no debate!

7. ‘Baller’ by Shubh

This year has introduced us to some of the biggest sounds in Indian hip-hop. Shubh’s ‘We Rollin’ is hard-hitting and damn explosive. Lose yourself with your homies and ball like no other with Shubh. We hope you got fire extinguishers in your ride though ‘cause this single got too much heat!

6. ‘Pablo’ by King

Our elders would often talk about how Goddess Laxmi steps on our doors at this very festival. Signifying happiness and money, this festival is all about celebrating your accomplishments and moving on to even bigger things. Bump this track and decide that you gotta get your money right. Let’s go!

5. ‘Pind Da Riwaaz’ by Wazir Patar

Pay homage to your land and where you come from by listening to this banger by Wazir Patar!

4. ‘Voodoo’ by Badshah (featuring J Balvin)

Gear up for grooving to Badshah’s global hit that put India on the map! While you got ambitions, expand them to a higher level by listening to this banger featuring the iconic J Balvin!

3. ‘Nawazuddin’ by Seedhe Maut

You really didn’t think that Seedhe Maut won’t be in our top-3, did you?

2. ‘Gandhi Money’ by Divine

Here’s to the ‘Gandhi’ that you have earnt this year. Keep up the hustle!

1. ‘The Last Ride’ by the late Sidhu Moosewala

Paying our respect to one of the greatest from our generation, give ‘The Last Ride’ by Sidhu Moosewala a solid listen. Rest in peace to the icon.