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Karan Aujla Drops Qarn Mallhi-Directed ‘Take It Easy’ Music Video

Punjabi Hip-Hop superstar Karan Aujla has released the second visual treatment from his wildly successful ‘Four You’ EP. Titled ‘Take It Easy’, the avant-garde music video is directed by Aujla’s frequent collaborator Qarn Mallhi and follows the ’52 Bars’ visuals released alongside the EP.

Notably, Aujla and Mallhi have collaborated on a slew of films across the former’s top-selling rap career. Last year, the two artists teamed up for the hard-hitting ‘On Top’ and ‘WYTB’ visuals too.

Check out the ‘Take It Easy’ music video by Karan Aujla here.

Aujla – often referred to as ‘Geetan Di Machine’ owing to his top-selling Punjabi rap records across the globe – released his first single ‘Property of Punjab’ in 2016 which left a little room for doubting his pensive lyricism and an inherent capability to release hard-hitting rap records. Produced by the iconic Punjab Hip-Hop producer Deep Jandu, the single set the stage for a slew of influential records from the artist ever since.

Some of his biggest singles include the recently released ‘On Top’‘Gangsta’ feat. Compton’s YG, ‘Players’ alongside Indian Hip-Hop’s global superstar Badshah, ‘YKWIM’ or ‘You Know What I Mean’ feat. Kr$na and more.

For many Hip-Hop listeners across the globe, Aujla is the finest lyricist and emcee of all time in the Punjabi hip-hop scene. Revered for his music, the artist stands next to some of the biggest icons in Punjabi music including the late Sidhu Moosewala, Diljit Dosanjh, Prem Dhillon and AP Dhillon.

Be sure to check out Aujla’s recent EP ‘Four You’ here if you haven’t yet.