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Punjabi Rap Pioneer Sikander Kahlon Announces 18th Album ‘God Is Watching Through Birds’

Punjabi Gangsta Hip-Hop pioneer Sikander Kahlon has announced his 18th full-length LP. Titled “God is Watching Through Birds”, the studio album is slated to release on June 22, 2023, and features guest verses from Thug Sangathan’s Aghor, Harjas Harjayi, Kaka Sady and more.

Reportedly, the studio album will traverse 13 rap records – “Iran”, “Kangaroo”, “Currency”, “Nakaaraatmak 3”, “Ying Yang Theory”, “2023 Flow” and more.

For the 22nd project of his towering rap career, Kahlon has linked up with a slew of record producers including Harm Sandhu, Ink Heart, Cultxre, Andy Grewal, Kaka Sady & more.

Check out the exclusive “God is Watching Through Birds” artwork and tracklist here.

For Kahlon, the “God is Watching Through Birds” LP will serve as the follow-up to his star-studded album “Storm Shadow”. The nine-track project featured guest appearances by Punjab’s leading emcees and record producers including Wazir Patar, Straight Bank, G Deep, Kneil, Sky 38, J. Hind, Kaka Sandy and more.

While Kahlon remains an influential veteran emcee and even featured on Sidhu Moose Wala‘s iconic magnum opus “Moosetape” on “Racks & Rounds”, the rapper has been finding it difficult to put numbers on the board. Whether his highly anticipated LP will leave a lasting impact on India’s thriving rap music remains to be seen.

Look out for Sikander Kahlon’s 18th mixtape ‘God is Watching Through Birds’ on June 22, 2023.

Listen to Sikander Kahlon’s hard-hitting rap records here if you haven’t yet.