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Shubh’s ‘We Rollin’ Surpasses a 100 Million Listens on Spotify

Shubh has just surpassed a massive 100 million Spotify streams on ‘We Rollin’. The single was released on 16th September, 2021 and, as the numbers suggest, remains his biggest record to date. With 62 million Youtube views on the hit single’s music video, Shubh has influenced and showcased a whole another side of Punjabi Hip-Hop to the world.

The Brampton-based artist took to Instagram to share the all-time Spotify streams on ‘We Rollin’.


The singer has consistently released several bangers following his hard-hitting debut including ‘Elevated’ and ‘Offshore”. This year, the Canada-based Punjabi emcee has dropped bangers such as ‘No Love’, and most recently, ‘Baller’ on September 9th, 2022.

Shubh is one of the very few lyricists and emcees from Punjab who are bringing forward their fresh modern sounds to Indian rap. Others being the iconic Majha-bred Wazir Patar, AP Dhillon and Sikander Kahlon. Patar dropped his debut solo studio record ‘Keep It Gangsta’ EP on September 22, 2022 with the iconic Def Jam Recordings India. Sikander Kahlon is recognised for his cut-throat ghetto bars and gangsta rap. AP Dhillon has established himself as one of the biggest Punjabi R&B singers beyond commercial films.

Check out ‘We Rollin’ by Shubh if you haven’t yet below: