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Mumbai’s Hard-Hitting Emcee Yashraj Links Up With Zero Chill on ‘Bevda Freestyle’

Mumbai’s finest Yashraj and Indian Hip-Hop’s influential record producer Zero Chill have linked up on a hard-hitting freestyle. Titled ‘Bevda’ or ‘alcoholic’ freestyle, the latest single portrays Yashraj’s glorious rhyme schemes and gnarly vocal deliveries on a flagrant bass-heavy record. Notably, this is the debut collaborative effort between the two artists.

Zero Chill is fresh off the collaborative effort with Shia released earlier this year. Following ‘Shia Bia’ with Yashraj’s head-spinning lyrical prowess has established Chill’s undeniable grasp over Indian trap & Hip-Hop at an unprecedented scale.

As for Yashraj, the latest single serves as the follow-up to ‘VN4 (Gati)’. Released in February this year, the record is the fourth instalment from the young rapper’s VN quadrilogy – the previous ones being ‘VN1 (Seekh)’, ‘VN2 (Mauke)’ & ‘VN3 (Udaan)’.

Listen to ‘Bevda (Freestyle)’ by Yashraj here via Spotify.