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Young Stunners & Kr$na To Release Second Collab

On March 24th 2020, Indian Hip-Hop witnessed one of the biggest collaborative efforts between Indian & Pakistani Hip-Hop. Karachi’s influential Hip-Hop act Young Stunners and Indian Hip-Hop royalty collaborated on the hard-hitting Jokhay-produced ‘Quarantine’.

The track swiftly rose to become one of the finest rap records in South Asia rap and made way for further collabs between emcees across borders including Raftaar & Faris Shafi on ‘Jashan-E-Hip Hop’, Calm and Talha Anjum on ‘Nevermind’ and Encore & Talhah Yunus on ‘Wait For You’.

However, Young Stunners and Kalamkaar’s ferocious emcee Kr$na are gearing up for a collaborative effort on Anjum’s debut solo LP. As per Anjum, Kr$na is slated to feature on ‘Touch Base’ alongside Talhah Yunus. Produced by Umair, ‘Touch Base’ is the fourth rap record on Anjum’s highly anticipated ‘Open Letter’ LP.

Look out for Young Stunners x Kr$na dropping this year.

Since you’re here, be sure to checkout ‘Quarantine’ by Young Stunners and Kr$na if you haven’t yet.