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Breaking: Seedhe Maut Announces ‘Lunch Break’ Mixtape Drops on August 19, To Feature Kr$na, Badshah, Raga, Rawal, Sikander Kahlon, Qaab & More

Photo: Anurag Sharma

Ruthless Indian emcees Calm and Encore ABJ, who together form Hip-Hop’s influential act Seedhe Maut, have finally announced the release date of perhaps the most-awaited LP from Delhi’s lethal rap scene.

Seedhe Maut, who has helmed one of the wildest album rollouts in Indian Hip-Hop this year, has confirmed that the 30-track “Lunch Break” mixtape is slated to drop on August 19th.

The LP release date, first confirmed by Calm through a humourous exchange with his Azadi Records labelmate Encore ABJ via Seedhe Maut’s Broadcast Channel on Meta, was again asserted by the “PnP” emcees on X, formerly Twitter.

On August 3, Seedhe Maut shared the “Lunch Break” mixtape’s exclusive tracklist with fans.

The far-reaching LP tracklist, which arrived within days after Seedhe Maut teased a guest verse by Kr$na and revealed the mixtape LP’s partial tracklist, includes guest verses by Indian Hip-Hop heavyweights Badshah, Kalamkaar’s rap royalty Kr$na, Rawal, the “Racks & Rounds” rapper Sikander Kahlon, Faris Shafi, RagaQaabYungsta, Rebel 7, Lil Bhavi, Ab 17, Bandzo3rd, & more.

Reportedly, the mixtape LP is home to at least 18 records produced by Calm himself. Further, the record will feature Seedhe Maut’s recently released rap records “Joint in the Booth”“Taakat”“11K” & “W” as well.

Check out the “Lunch Break” mixtape and tracklist below.

As reported earlier, Seedhe Maut was initially slated to release the massive 30-track mixtape on Encore’s birthday. However, the hard-hitting emcees revealed that they “don’t want to compromise on” how the project sounds and pushed its release date.

Notably, Seedhe Maut will allegedly release their fourth album after the “Lunch Break” mixtape.

In May, Encore asserted during an IG Live that a full-length LP is in the works and might release after the mixtape. Further, ABJ revealed that the highly anticipated mixtape would allow the young rappers to “test” and assess how far they could go with the LP.

At the time, ABJ provided some crucial insights into Seedhe Maut’s third full-length album “Nayaab” too. As per ABJ, the project was originally a trilogy and a far-reaching project which involved “absolute character developments, screenwriting and numerous sitdowns with Hip-Hop filmmakers” ahead of the LP.

Look out for Seedhe Maut’s historic mixtape ‘”Lunch Break” on August 19th 2023.

Listen to Seedhe Maut’s debut rap LP ‘Bayaan’ via Spotify.