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Ikky Previews Unreleased Track By Karan Aujla

As the world awaits Karan Aujla’s upcoming ‘Four Ways’ EP, Punjabi Hip-Hop’s leading record producer Ikky has shared a preview of the highly anticipated album. Performing in Vancouver, Canada, the influential rap producer previewed Aujla’s unreleased music, reportedly from the upcoming EP, amidst his massive live set.

Check out the preview here.

Slated to drop in February, ‘Four You’ will serve as the follow-up to Karan Aujla’s ‘Way Ahead’ EP. Released on May 10th 2022, ‘Way Ahead’ features Aujla’s top-selling rap records including ‘Gangsta’ feat. Compton’s legendary emcee YG, ‘Unreachable’ feat Ikka, ‘Game Over’, ‘They Know’ and more.

Notably, Aujla’s EP is executive-produced by the young Canada-based producer. In fact, Ikky has led productions on some of the biggest Punjabi Hip-Hop & Pop releases including ‘Baller’ by Shubh, ‘Chauffeur’ by Diljit Dosanjh featuring Tory Lanez, ‘She’s The One’ by Soni Pabla and ’80 90′ by Garry Sandhu & Amrit Maan.

Since then, Aujla has released a slew of hard-hitting singles including ‘Way Out’ and a top-selling guest appearance on ‘Players’ by Badshah.

Look out for ‘Four You’ by Karan Aujla in February.

Since you’re here, check out Aujla’s leading rap records via Spotify.