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Karan Aujla To End ‘Four You’ Rollout With Qarn Mallhi-Directed ‘Yeah Naah’ Music Video

Punjabi Hip-Hop superstar and Stake’s frontman Karan Aujla is gearing up for the fourth, and perhaps the final, visual treatment from his sophomore EP ‘Four You’. Influential rap filmmaker Qarn Mallhi has confirmed that the ‘Players’ emcee is slated to drop the ‘Yeah Naah’ music video after releasing the ‘Fallin’ Apart’ music video earlier this month.

Notably, Aujla and Mallhi linked up for the ‘Take It Easy’ music video just after the EP’s release. Further, Mallhi directed the visuals for Aujla’s top-selling rap record ‘On Top’ through his Brownwest imprint as well. Check out the IG post by Mallhi confirming the long-awaited visuals here.

The ‘Yeah Naah’ music video is slated to arrive within days after Karan Aujla got married. The legendary young emcee shared exclusive photographs from his wedding on social media. Check out the pictures here if you haven’t yet.

Aujla – often referred to as ‘Geetan Di Machine’ owing to his top-selling Punjabi rap records across the globe – released his first single ‘Property of Punjab’ in 2016. The record left little room for doubting his pensive lyricism and an inherent capability to release provocative rap music at will. Here’s everything about Karan Aujla.

Earlier this year, the ‘On Top’ emcee released his sophomore EP ‘Four You’. Executive Produced by Ikky with assistance from Jamaal Europe, Sandor Shweisberg, Amiri, Phil and more, the four-track EP is a brief yet affecting rap record. Clocking at just 13 minutes, the EP features ’52 Bars’, ‘Take It Easy’, ‘Fallin Apart’ and ‘Yeah Naah’.

Watch the leading visual treatments from the ‘Four You’ EP by Karan Aujla here.

Stream the ‘Four You’ EP by Karan Aujla & Ikky here via Spotify.