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Kid Cudi Pushes ‘Insano’ LP Release Date To 2024, Drops Two New Songs & Confirms Playboi Carti Collab ‘Ain’t Happening’

Photo: Norman Jean Roy for Kid Cudi

Just ahead of his forthcoming studio album “Insano”, American rapper, record producer and songwriter Kid Cudi, born Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, has delayed the album release date to next year. As per the hard-hitting rap artist, the long-awaited studio album, which was originally slated to be released on September 15, will now drop in January next year.

Reportedly, Cudi has decided to push forward the album release because he wants to ascertain that “everything lines up” and he gives his fans “the best version of myself”. Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Cudi shared an affecting message laying down the reasons behind the abrupt delay.

“I have to push INSANO back until January. I want to make sure that everything lines up and I give y’all the best version of myself,” Cudi shared in a tweet. 

While the unanticipated push might have irked some fans, Cudi was swift to continue the rage in the lead-up to Insano. The “Entergalactica” rapper not only promised another single from the LP, he even went on to share two rap songs with his fans.

“I still plan on releasing the next single soon so don’t even worry about that… Since I’m doing this and I know you all are fiending to get a listen of the album, I’m releasing two new jams from INSANO tonight on Soundcloud,” Cudi wrote further.

The tracks titled “MOST AIN’T DENNIS” and “ILL WHAT I BLEED” are available for streaming on Soundcloud and Cudi has promised his fans that he “won’t take them down”.

Last month, Cudi tweeted 4 evocative distinct “Insano” artworks. The artworks, which feature two self-portraits and two abstract digital art reminiscent of Cudi’s Emmy-nominated animated motion picture “Entergalactica”, arrived amidst unprecedented anticipation for a new rap LP by “The Scotts” rapper at the time.

Notably, Cudi premiered the lead single “Porsche Topless” from his forthcoming LP in June. The iconic rapper, who most recently linked up with Houston’s ruthless rapper and record producer Travis Scott on his fourth LP “Utopia”, is yet to reveal any further details about the record.

Over the past few months, Cudi has been quite vocal about his forthcoming LP on Twitter.

In November last year, Cudi shut his retirement after he himself confirmed it during an interview with eminent rap music journalist Zane Lower and assured “one more album for his fans”, Cudi confirmed the “Insano” LP in March via Instagram Live.

It was followed by Cudi’s hard-hitting live set in Paris where the rapper himself confirmed “Insano” LP amidst disruptive rumours about his forthcoming album.

“Since 2020, I have been recording a new album. When I dropped Man on the Moon III, I hit the studio and was just f—– around with some vibes, gettin’ into the groove and I don’t know when I’m gonna release my next album, I really don’t. But I do know what’s gonna happen and before then, I wanna kind of just give you guys some s—”, Cudi.

The “Man on The Moon” emcee then went on to preview his unreleased rap record “Solo Dolo Pt. 4” featuring Playboi Carti.

“Release some songs, get the vibes out there you know. and this is one song I have been sitting on for a while. It features my brother Playboi Carti,” Cudi said just ahead of previewing the unreleased single.

However, to fans’ disappointment, Cudi confirmed that “Solo Dolo Pt. 4” with Carti is “not happening” on Tuesday.

Look out for “Insano” LP by Kid Cudi.

Check out “MOST AIN’T DENNIS” & “ILL WHAT I BLEED” by Kid Cudi via Soundcloud.

Stream Kid Cudi’s epic rap album ‘Man on The Moon: The End of Day’ via Spotify.