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MC Stan Becomes The First Rapper To Win ‘Bigg Boss’ TV Show

Pune-born MC Stan – real name Altaf Shaikh – has won one of India’s biggest reality TV show Bigg Boss. Stan became a part of the immensely famous franchise on October 1st 2022 when its first episode was aired on Colors TV. Last night, MC Stan was declared the winner of the 16th season of Bigg Boss.

Ahead of the finale, the young ‘Kal Hai Mera Show’ emcee drew global support from some of the biggest Indian Hip-Hop artists. Stan’s supporters included the ‘Four You’ rap superstar Karan Aujla, Badshah, Seedhe Maut, Emiway Bantai, King, Ikka and more. Interestingly, the Hip-Hop community often came together to protect Stan from being voted out and evicted from the Bigg Boss residency in Mumbai.

MC Stan’s appearance in Bigg Boss is considered as a fine move for the growth of Indian rap. Ever since he entered the Bigg Boss residence, his Instagram account has seen a massive uptick of over 6 Million followers.

Watch MC Stan being declared the winner of Bigg Boss 16 here if you haven’t yet.