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Paradox Announces The Final Single ‘Sirhaana’ From ‘The Unknown Letter’ EP, Drops May 25

Indian Hip-Hop’s young emcee and record producer Paradox, born Tanishq Singh, has announced the third and perhaps the final record “Sirhaana” from his top-selling “The Unknown Letter” EP. Releasing on May 25th 2023, “Sirhaana” will follow Paradox’s two hard-hitting rap records on hopeless romanticism and relationships “Perfy” and “Hasti Rahe Tu”.

Paradox’s debut EP with Def Jam Recordings India has been nothing short of an extraordinary body of work. The therapeutic and immersive singles “Perfy” and “Hasti Rahe Tu” stand in vivid contrast to each other in terms of record production and narratives.

While the Najafgarh-born emcee, behind numerous towering rap records across his affecting discography, shared the release date, he fell short of dropping the exclusive artwork for now. Check out Paradox’s exclusive live preview of ‘Sirhana’ here if you haven’t yet.

Look out for “Sirhana” by Paradox on May 25th 2023.

Listen to ‘Perfy’ and ‘Hasti Rahe Tu’ from Paradox’s highly coveted EP ‘The Unknown Letter’ here.