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Breaking: Paradox Expands ‘The Unknown Letter’ Narrative With New Single ‘Hasti Rahe Tu’

Indian Hip-Hop’s young emcee and record producer Paradox, born Tanishq Singh, has released the sophomore record from his long-awaited “The Unknown Letter” EP. Titled “Hasti Rahe Tu”, the single furthers Paradox’s conceptual three-track effort and serves as the follow-up to the lead single “Perfy”.

Notably, the latest record constructs a vivid storyline around romanticism and the unnerving complexities that follow. While Paradox celebrates modern romance as we know it on ‘Perfy’, he laments it on ‘Hasti Rahe Tu’.

The record is in provocative contrast with the lead single in terms of record production too. ‘Hasti Rahe Tu’ is a subtle melodic record with complex beat slaps. Further, Paradox delivers a notorious overture of ‘Drill’ and backs it up with Haryanvi and Hindi vernacular.

However, this isn’t the first time that the 19-year-old emcee has experimented with sub-genres in rap music and made them his own.

Upon the record’s announcement, fans anticipated whether ‘Hasti Rahe Tu’ will be Paradox’s abrupt departure from hard-hitting rap records with drill, grime and trap influences. Amidst the 90s slick discotheque and subtle elements of Pop drawn from ‘Perfy’, Hip-Hop listeners speculated that the Najafgarh-born emcee is on his course to switch genres at will.

Paradox’s latest effort establishes his stature as a remarkable record producer with a rare ability for deft beat curation and evocative vocal prowess. With the latest record with Def Jam Recordings India, the emcee gears up for, perhaps, one of the finest multi-track efforts this year.

Watch the ‘Hasti Rahe Tu’ music video by Paradox here.

Listen to ‘Hasti Rahe Tu’ by Paradox here via Spotify.