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Sunny Malton Drops New Single ‘That Guy’ F/ Gur3

Brampton-based legendary Punjabi Hip-Hop emcee, songwriter and record producer Sunny Malton has released his latest single. Titled ‘That Guy’, the Offgrid-produced record features a guest verse by Punjabi rap artist Gur3 and clocks in at just short of three minutes and a half.

Notably, this is Malton’s second collaborative effort with Gur3 this year. On January 23rd 2023, the ‘Never Fold’ emcee linked up with Gur3 on ‘Forever’. With ‘That Guy’, this is Malton’s fourth release after the ill-fated gunning down of his frequent collaborator and friend the late Sidhu Moosewala.

Malton & Moosewala helped each other navigate their Hip-Hop careers to an unprecedented level before the latter was murdered in Punjab last year. In fact, Malton and Moosewala released their massive collaborative effort ‘Levels’ just four days ahead of the iconic ‘PBX1’ rapper’s death. Further, the two artists have linked up on numerous records together including ‘Never Fold’, ‘F*** ‘em All’, ‘Youngest in Charge’, ‘Chosen’ and ‘B-Town’. Malton was featured on all of these records.

Stream ‘That Guy’ by Sunny Malton & Gur3 here via Spotify.