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Travis Scott Premieres ‘Circus Maximus’ Film F/ Rick Rubin, Yung Lean & James Blake on YouTube, Drops ‘Sirens’, ‘Hyaena’ & ‘Modern Jam’ Music Videos

Houston’s legendary rapper, record producer and film director Travis Scott has just premiered his directorial debut “Circus Maximus” on YouTube. The film, which was first released alongside Scott’s fourth studio album “Utopia” and later released exclusively on Apple Music, is now released on YouTube for streaming.

The “surreal and psychedelic” film, which runs for 75 minutes and casts La Flame receives directorial assistance from cult cinema filmmakers Harmony Korine, Gaspar Noé, Nicolas Winding Refn, Valdimar Jóhannsson, and music-video maestro Kahlil Joseph. Further, “Circus Maximus” is executive-produced by Rhea Scott.

Notably, Scott has premiered the “Circus Maximus” film alongside “Hyaena”, “Sirens” and “Modern Jam” visual treatments. While it may shock many, the visuals are in fact derived from the film itself. Notably, “God’s Country” and “K-Pop” are the only two records with exclusive music videos from the “Utopia” LP yet.

Earlier this month, Scott finally premiered his fourth LP live in Italy. The ‘Utopia’ concert, which was originally slated for a premiere at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, went down at “Circus Maximus” theatre park in Rome.

Besides performing his LP and some of the most influential rap records from other projects including “Sicko Mode”, “Beibs in the Trap”, “Butterfly Effect”, “Highest in the Room”, “No Bystanders”, “Mafia” and his guest verse on Lil Uzi Vert‘s BNYX-produced “Aye”.

While Scott headlined and performed at the concert by himself, he brought out the legendary Kanye West amidst his sprawling live set.

During his rare performance, which arrived months after Ye was accused of anti-semitism and allegedly cancelled, the hard-hitting emcee performed “Praise Lord” featuring Travis Scott and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”.

Watch the “Sirens”, “Hyaena” & “Modern Jam” visual treatments by Travis Scott.

Stream the ‘Utopia’ LP by Travis Scott via Spotify.