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Shubh Premiers Epic Visuals For ‘OG’ From Debut Album ‘Still Rollin’

Punjabi Hip-Hop and gangsta rap pioneer Shubh, born Shubhneet Singh, has premiered the second set of visuals from his debut album “Still Rollin”. The music video for “OG”, directed by Punjabi Hip-Hop’s influential filmmaker Rubbal GTR, portrays Shubh’s meteoric rise to global prominence with just six rap records ahead of the album.

Notably, “OG” is one of the two hard-hitting rap records produced by Gully Gang’s marquee producer Karan Kanchan. Besides “OG”, Kanchan has produced “Ruthless” on the Baller’s debut album too.

Much like his debut album, Shubh released the “OG” music video without any noise. In fact, this has been a running theme across record rollouts by the young rapper. While avant-garde record releases out of nowhere have elevated Shubh’s stature as the underlying prolific emcee who releases at will, “Still Rollin” is still catching up on streaming platforms.

However, it won’t be a surprise if the young Brampton and Los Angeles-based emcee’s album begins to put massive numbers on the board in the coming times. Considering the influence of his singles in the past and the hard-hitting sound on “Still Rollin”, the debut record might speak for Shubh’s longevity this summer.

The “OG” music video arrives amidst Shubh’s longtime collaborator Thiara accusing him of copyright and music ownership violations. Shubh is yet to respond on the matter.

Nevertheless, it’s an uphill battle for “Still Rollin”. In March this year, the rapper was harrassed for expressing concerns over Internet shutdowns and alleged “Human Rights Violations” in Punjab. Ever since then, far-right groups have pushed for cancelling Shubh and pushed further against streaming his album.

Watch the “OG” music video by Shubh here. Directed by Rubbal GTR.

Listen to Shubh’s debut album ‘Still Rollin’ here via Spotify.