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Sunny Malton & AR Paisley Honour Sidhu Moose Wala on ‘Moose World’

Brampton-based iconic emcee and record producer Sunny Malton has teamed up with AR Paisley for his latest single. Titled ‘Moose World’, the Lazyeye produced single is a hard-hitting tribute to Malton’s longtime collaborator and late friend Sidhu Moose Wala. Clocking at just short of three minutes, the track is a flagrant assertion of Moose Wala’s far-reaching legacy and his “GOAT” status in the Indian Hip-Hop scene.

“Paul Pierce ain’t dead but we still want the truth back,

All that means is somebody go and bring Moose back

They get popped and smoked we brought the woo back

They tryin’ copy your style, they cannot do that

6-foot Jatt, tall like his weapon

A don with the Steele, Never missed with the 47

I know you chilling with Makaveli in heaven

Shooting music videos with Mac 10’s & Mac 11’s

Gripping the big choppa, chillin with Big Poppa

Easily the Eazy-E for Punjabis the show stopper

The stage rocker when he gripping the mic I

Seen you shine bright, every time they dimmed out your light

Making moves like G-Unit, you know how we do

Me & you, Times 2, Thats the S I D H U

Waking up to billboards, give a f*** about the views

Trust me lil bro, you got nothing left to prove,” Malton raps on the record.

Check out the ‘Moose World’ exclusive artwork here.

While Malton and Paisley have established their stature as two of the finest Indian emcees from Brampton, the two rappers rose to prominence after a slew of collaborative efforts with Moose Wala. Over the years, Malton and Moose Wala linked up on numerous records together including ‘Never Fold’, ‘F*** ‘em All’, ‘Youngest in Charge’, ‘Chosen’ and ‘B-Town’. Further, AR Paisley and Moose Wala worked together on ‘Lovesick’ from the ‘No Name’ EP.

Listen to ‘Moose World’ by Sunny Malton & AR Paisley here via Spotify.