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Sunny Malton & AR Paisley To Honour Sidhu Moose Wala On New Track

Brampton-based legendary emcee and record producer Sunny Malton continues to remember the late Sidhu Moose Wala’s legacy through music. Within days after releasing ‘That Guy’, the iconic ‘Never Fold’ rapper has revealed that a new single with AR Paisley, which honours Moose Wala’s far-reaching impact on Hip-Hop music, is in the works. Titled ‘Moose World’, the single is slated to release on March 10th 2023.

Check out the exclusive ‘Moose World’ artwork here if you haven’t yet.

While Malton and Paisley have established their stature as two of the finest Indian emcees from Brampton, the two rappers rose to prominence after a slew of collaborative efforts with Moose Wala. Over the years, Malton and Moose Wala linked up on numerous records together including ‘Never Fold’, ‘F*** ‘em All’, ‘Youngest in Charge’, ‘Chosen’ and ‘B-Town’. Further, AR Paisley and Moose Wala worked together on ‘Lovesick’ from the ‘No Name’ EP.

After Moose Wala’s ill-fated gunning down in May last year, the two emcees released several hard-hitting rap records as a tribute to the legendary ‘PBX1’ rapper. Some of Malton and Paisley’s biggest hits honouring the legacy of Sidhu Moose Wala include ‘Signs’, ‘Letter to Sidhu’ and ‘Legends Never Die’. Notably, these have been solo releases by the two artists.

However, ‘Moose World’ is the debut collaborative effort between Malton and Paisley dedicated to Sidhu Moose Wala.

Look out for ‘Moose World’ by Sunny Malton and AR Paisley.

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