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Breaking: Punjabi Gangsta Rap Superstar Shubh & Rubbal GTR Link Up On Lethal ‘Safety Off’ Music Video From ‘Leo’ EP

Photo: Shubh

Punjabi gangsta rap superstar Shubh, born Shubhneet Singh, has linked up with influential Hip-Hop filmmaker and frequent collaborator Rubbal GTR for the debut visual treatment from “Leo” EP.

Amidst an unprecedented dominance by Shubh through the EP, the two Punjabi artists have now joined forces for the incendiary “Safety Off” music video from the 4-track project.

The provocative visual cut, which arrives within two days after Shubh first announced it via Meta, serves as the follow-up to the “Cheques” music video directed by GTR too.

Besides “Cheques” and “Safety Off” now, Shubh and GTR have teamed up for epic visual cuts of “Dior”, “OG” and “Still Rollin” in the past.

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Watch the massive “Safety Off” music video by Shubh below.

While Shubh continues to raze through Punjabi rap music, another marquee artist Karan Aujla is gearing up for at least 21 tracks this year.

Earlier this week, the “Making Memories” rapper, who recently previewed the original version of his sprawling rap single “On Top”, disrupted Indian music after he announced the 4-track “Aujla Season” EP, a third studio album with at least 16 tracks and his forthcoming collaboration “100 Khokha” featuring Indian rap royalty Divine.

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Besides Aujla, Punjabi Hip-Hop/Pop superstar AP Dhillon shocked fans after he previewed new music featuring Shinda Kahlon in December.

Look out for more music by Shubh, Aujla & Dhillon this year.

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Stream ‘Leo’ EP by Shubh via Spotify.