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Seedhe Maut Announces Massive 30-Track Mixtape ‘Lunch Break’ During Unprecedented Turnout At Delhi Concert

Photo: IG/Calm

Indian Hip-Hop’s iconic rap act Seedhe Maut, spearheaded by Calm and Encore ABJ, has finally announced its first full-length effort of this year. Titled “Lunch Break”, the mixtape is slated to have at least 30 rap records and arrives amidst soaring anticipation for new music from the Delhi-based emcees.

While Performing the final major set of its top-selling nationwide concert, termed the “Bhussi Tour”, Calm and ABJ confirmed that their upcoming mixtape drops on ABJ’s 28th birthday. The 30-track mixtape drops on July 15th 2023 this summer.

Seedhe Maut’s sprawling confirmation arrives amidst the act teasing their fourth full-length project numerous times across this year. As early as January, Seedhe Maut confirmed their new full-length project. The “Nayaab” emcees even teased new music with Indian Hip-Hop superproducer Karan Kanchan at the time too.

Seedhe Maut further confirmed the full-length project in April and May before finally revealing the official release date now.

Seedhe Maut’s massive 30-track effort arrives amidst a slew of hard-hitting releases by Indian emcees across the globe. Last week, Indian Hip-Hop superstars Gurinder Gill and Emiway Bantai released their full-length bodies of work “Hard Choices” and “King of The Streets” respectively.

It was preceded by Shubh’s debut album “Still Rollin” in May.

Notably, this will be Seedhe Maut’s first album after Koshur rap pioneer Ahmer and Prabhdeep parted ways with Azadi Records.

Look out for Seedhe Maut’s ‘Lunch Break’ mixtape on July 15th 2023.

Listen to Seedhe Maut’s hard-hitting ‘Nayaab’ LP here via Spotify.